St.Joseph’s TeaRooms

Beautiful location close to Mount St.Bernards Abbey, Oaks Road, Coalville, Leicestershire.

I went with a group of Pastoral Assistants, the Warden of Pastoral Assistants (my vicar, Kim) and our curate, Sarah.

We spent the day at the tea rooms, chapel – down the road – and some visited the monastery. Beautiful refreshments for lunch and an urn with tea & coffee supplies throughout the day.

Now my memory will not remember names, but we had a very interesting and inspiring talk in the morning about how the tea rooms came into being. Then we had some prayer stations with a bit of craft activity and some small rough wooden crosses that we could rub with sand paper – to make smooth.

I took my journaling Bible and coloured some of the text for the first morning reading from 1 Kings about God’s still, small voice of calm.

A very relaxing and enjoyable day 😊


The beauty of sunshine

Happy to be enjoying the sunshine, locally in Oadby & home. Beautiful bees & butterflies in the garden & even the Guinea pigs came over to say hello (& eat the odd offered dandelion leaf)

In their pen & shaded by an old curtain. Plenty of grass for them to graze on, a bowl of pellets & I’m just going to add a bowl of water now (for good measure 😊)

The first photos are taken in my garden of a few insects that I find beautiful – enjoying the sunshine too!


Today is very Mediterranean in Fleckney, so this morning we had a good blitz on the front garden. Marvelous Mabel had an internal wipe & polish & guana wiped off her exterior.

I brought in Chas’s framed photographs, to take with me to the Bishop’s meeting tonight, to return to Kim. Kim is the vicar of St Cuthbert’s church, Great Glen & husband of Chas.

Bishop Martyn is spending a weekend in Great Glen, to-ing & fro-ing from his Leicester home, in November as part of his big conversation. One of the possible activities is helping serve coffee & pastries in Great Glen village. Well this is right up my street, so may volunteer for this.

Of the weekend I will be at my part-time job from 2 til 6 on the Friday, but Saturday all clear, so far. Sunday will be my last day as a Pastoral Assistant – so no doubt will be a bit emotional. But it feels right to stand down after 11 years of volunteering.

Still working, til 66 apparently- unless the court case brings it forward πŸ™ This has been in the news, at it affects many women, stuck in a similar situation ( and some a lot worse off too πŸ˜₯)

Also I have returned to spending quality time with horses, a passion of mine. I am going to renew my part share in Carumba and Lewis for another year. Two beautiful bays training with Katie Frisby as Stars & Diamonds Racing Club. Katie’s website is

Also I am making more of an effort with my Watercolour painting, having displayed with a couple of other friends at The Well, Kibworth for a month. Although nothing was sold, it was a very enjoyable experience and a good community enterprise.

So there we have it, onwards & upwards! 😊

Le Treport

Yesterday we had a good shower of rain while we were undercover in a caffΓ© – eating desserts. Dave & me had gaufrΓ©s with chantilly πŸ˜‹β€

This photograph shows the big flock of seagulls that came to greet/mob a fishing boat, that came into the harbour during the rain shower. The family next to us were feeding a big gull, who also kept crossing the road, using the zebra crossing!


Wow, love it here! Same campsite, but better. Celebrating Bastille Day yesterday was very enjoyable, fresh crΓͺpes and a late fireworks show at St Valerie sur le Somme. TrΓ©s Bon!

A week’s vacance with la petit family πŸ₯°πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅πŸ₯

Gifted πŸ’ž granddaughter-so proud

I have the supreme joy of playing a part in teaching this beautiful girl how to play & enjoy the piano. Looking forward to summer hols & more practice & playing with this young lady 😍

Also very proud of my beautiful daughter, who took this photo. She has the love of Art, like her mum & is good at History, like her dad! Blogging is the way to go, love it 😊

Kibworth & Fleckney

In and around the two neighbouring villages. The Art Exhibition at The Well, Kibworth is complete!

Exhibiting, Charlie Ford – Photographer – Helen Neve – Professional Artist & Tutor, Lynn Vann – local artist, and yours truly!

The Exhibition of community works of art will be displayed at The Well until Saturday 20th July 2019. A local talented Artist of Kibworth, called Ian will next be exhibiting.

The bottom two photos are of Fleckney, at the Duck Pond. Members of this Community have put flowers around the village, which is beautiful to see. I love the ducks, swimming in formation towards me on the last photograph. Especially enjoyed taking this one, as involving live action & I had to be quick! 😊

Afternoon Tea

Dogs for the blind charity are asking people to have fundraising afternoon tea to raise money for their excellent charity this summer.

Well, I think it’s a fabulous idea and have a stash of teacups & saucers fit for purpose.

I have a friend who has spoken about what good work Guide Dogs for the Blind do and today, spoke to my granddaughter about her idea with a friend to run a cafe from her mum’s garden. She asked me to bake my triple chocolate brownies for it & for grandad to bake one of his Victoria sandwich cakes. So a plan is slowly hatching…..